Streamlined, consistent validations

Validations, ramp-ups, and qualifications often spell delays and headaches for manufacturing. By contrast, Lumenous has “wrung out” the production and validation processes to take the sting out of process validation efforts for laser cutting and post-processing.

Validated confidence with a minimum of validation stress.

Unique Experience

Served over 150 customers since 1995 (Lumenous founded 2002)

From “square one” to full-scale

Technical Mastery

Prototyping & Manufacturing…& Tech Transfer

Lumenous exercises ongoing improvement efforts to enable new and improved products. Improvements are gated into production in order to protect the validation status of existing products.

Our technology transfer expertise, unique in the industry, has given us opportunities to completely retool our entire process. After each transfer, we have carefully implemented new processes to our own operations without disruption to existing customers.

Zero Queue Time (RPM Program)

Rapid Prototyping Methodology (RPM)

The Lumenous prototyping services developed under the influence of the Stanford University Mechanical Engineering Design Division, where Rapid Prototyping Methodology (RPM) was a key concept. To serve intensive design stage efforts with the best in prototyping results, Lumenous offers the RPM Program.  Customers enjoy zero queue time and pre-scheduled deliveries of each design iteration. Suitable for focused design optimization projects that are resourced to enable quick evaluation of each design iteration.

Count the benefits:

  • Projects complete ahead-of-schedule
  • Quicker and more realistic than virtual modeling
  • Momentum that improves the design output itself
  • A very satisfying design experience
  • Quality output and data that are ready for design verification

Manufacturing Documentation

In precision manufacturing, metrology know-how is all-important. No two measurement techniques are alike. Our customers can trust that we bring a robust understanding of metrology to bear on the inspection of their product.

We provide complete manufacturing documentation with each shipment including a Certificate of Conformance and a Process Report as a durable record that characterizes the lot. The Process Report includes statistical data about the lot and a sample image.