Lumenous Device Technologies is at the forefront of medical device manufacturing for ultraprecision medical components such as stents, hypotubes, and a wide variety of components for minimally invasive medical devices. Are you interested in having a fulfilling, successful career supporting quality in a company where every part matters and makes a difference in the world? You can at Lumenous.

Locations, Customers and Quality

We are located in Sunnyvale, CA and Jiangyin (Jiangsu), China. Our facilities are equipped with laser micromachining centers, chemical and electrochemical processes, heat treatment processes and a variety of other capabilities to serve prototyping and volume manufacturing needs. Lumenous has customers in the U.S, Asia and Europe. Lumenous’ quality system is registered to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards.

What makes us unique

Lumenous Device Technologies is a unique working environment for several reasons.

  • Excellence: Our customers say that are we are the very best partner in laser cutting and precision finishing (see below).
  • Innovation: We put significant emphasis on process development. We support our customers in the product development stage, helping them to innovate on their designs. We often have ideas that end up incorporated in the final device; our expert engineers are involved from the beginning of a project adding value at each step. This fills our days with many engineering challenges from concept-to-conclusion.
  • Quality: We use a matrix of groundbreaking processes that ensure reliability and consistency of production; our mature quality system is ISO9001- and ISO13485- registered.
  • Expertise: We are experts in high-performance alloys like nickel titanium, super alloys (e.g. cobalt chrome, L605, MP35N and Elgiloy) and confidential new materials. Our stainless steel technologies are also unique in performance and cost.
  • Reliability: We have two separate production sites with identical processes, procedures, and training which ensures security of supply.
  • Experience: After working with 150 customers we have deep understanding of our customer’s applications; it doesn’t take long for us to be at full speed.
  • Trust: customers choose us when they don’t want to worry about receiving excellence in engineering, service, and precision cut and finished parts


Applications Engineer for Medical Components

Engineering at Lumenous is hands-on, fast-paced, and involves figuring out new techniques for making intricate, amazing medical components that save lives and improve the quality of life for patients.

In the medical industry, the product development lifecycle is necessarily very long. At Lumenous, things are inherently a bit different. We enjoy the unique satisfaction of serving medical goals in a hands-on environment where real engineering problems get solved on a daily basis. The pace of projects at Lumenous is quick, and the work is energizing. More information about the position is below.

The position includes applications engineering of new parts, identifying and carrying out improvements to existing parts, identifying resource constraints; troubleshooting process and equipment issues; testing new processes.

Responsibilities include:

  • Executing and supporting all production processes (laser-cutting, heat treatments, mechanical and chemical processing, and electropolishing)
  • Identifying manufacturing steps for new parts
  • CAD/CAM programming.
  • Tooling and fixturing design.


  • B.S. or M.S. in Engineering (Mechanical, Manufacturing, Chemical, Mechatronic) or equivalent
  • Experience or education relevant to manufacturing
  • Analytical skills related to manufacturing processes
  • CAD experience.


  • CAD/CAM experience
  • Experience with ISO9001 or ISO13485
  • Precision manufacturing experience
  • Laser experience
  • Chemical handling experience

Please send resumes to opportunity@lumenous.com

Production Technician - equivalent job descriptions may be Manufacturing or R&D Technician, Operator/Assembler

Position Title: Process Technician (Laser-processing emphasis)
Perform setup and production operations for prototype and manufacturing builds.


  • Chemical cleaning
  • Electrochemical processes including electropolishing
  • Mechanical processing including abrasive blasting
  • Forming
  • Heat-treatment
  • QA (all production technicians perform QA/QC inspector duties – at least occasionally, often regularly)

Follow engineering drawings and work instructions to ensure product specifications and tolerances are met. Perform a variety of tasks.

  • Works on assignments requiring a certain degree of judgment and initiative.
  • Understands implications of work and makes recommendations for solutions.
  • Contribute to methods and procedures on new assignments.Requirements:
  • Communication skills.
  • Interpret engineering drawings.
  • Knowledge of safety, quality, and technical concepts.
  • Teamwork in a variety-rich environment.
  • High school diploma and transcript, higher education a valued plus.
  • Experience in manufacturing or equivalent.

Please send resumes to opportunity@lumenous.com