Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is a real competitive advantage for Lumenous, not an exercise in formalities


  • 100% trained operator inspection inside and out
  • Dimensional characterization of the lot
  • Optimized inspection certainty
  • Documentation that goes the extra mile
  • Frequent process capability studies

Our Message on Quality Assurance

Science governs inspection and measurement. More precisely, various branches of science apply:

  • Optics
  • Statistics
  • Human factors engineering
  • Ophthalmology
  • Motion control
  • Information technology
  • Metrology

Science is vital to successful quality assurance. The often-echoed phrase “100% inspection” does not capture the essential elements of this science. Whether because of willful or inadvertent ignorance, there is not enough truth-telling in the precision manufacturing field…on the part of both purchasers and suppliers. Good quality assurance, like good science, requires both humility in the face of uncertainty and robust efforts to overcome it.

Lumenous’ unique background in the industry includes equipment design & manufacturing, process validation, application development, and contract manufacturing. Our inspection and measurement expertise is 1) based on sound science and 2) tested through years of rigorous, application-specific refinement.

The essence of inspection is optimizing certainty. Acknowledging the sources of uncertainty and restricting them to an acceptable level is the stock in trade of the quality assurance effort. We use every tool to squeeze all uncertainties into insignificance. But we do not lose sight of them, because our customers’ certainty is worth our vigilance.


Documentation that Goes the Extra Mile

The following documents are available with each shipment:

Our customers get more than just a bag of parts and a bill. And in our view, documentation is not just a “red tape” requirement or a “Papierkrieg.” Our popular Process Report goes the extra mile. It provides visibility into the process and a durable characterization of each lot. Raw data, statistical analysis, and a sample photo help bring the output of the job to life for quality assurance staff, for purchasers, and to contribute to our customers’ engineering knowledge base about their product. The Process Report information goes on serving the customer long after the components have been put to use. Delivery in electronic form makes the information truly useful.