We Live For The Functional & Beautiful

Solid research, development and design expertise are vital to our customers’ success at all phases of product development. Whether in fundraising, early-stage R&D, clinical testing, or commercialization, our clients benefit from the synergy between Manufacturing and Design & Development activities at Lumenous.

  • …R&D projects benefit from Lumenous’ design skill set and proven track record of developing technically and commercially successful devices.
  • Manufacturing projects benefit from Lumenous’ development activities that continually drive Lumenous’ manufacturing capabilities to be best-in-class.
  • Advanced production techniques assist future R&D projects. And the cycle continues…

Lumenous’ device design and process development activities facilitate our customer’s success by realizing technically feasible designs, enabling commercially viable manufacturing, and creating IP value for our customers.

In addition to design development and DFM activities, we coordinate the following adjunct services in design projects:

  • Testing (analytical labs)
  • Finite element analysis
  • Fatigue testing
  • Biocompatibility analysis
  • Clinical/preclinical studies

A word about trust:

Trust is built, not assumed.  We value customer confidence as dearly as anything in the business. We do what it takes to build trust and protect customer interests.

-   We only disclose our work product when and to the extent that our involvement is a matter of public record or with specific customer permission.

-   We apply rigorous efforts to hold confidentiality and intellectual property in high regard.

-   Finally, without regard to any other factors, we always strive to provide the very best service to every customer on every job.