Lumenous Introduces TruePhase, a Non-Contact Af Testing System

Lumenous Introduces TruePhase, a Non-Contact Af Testing System

The Lumenous TruePhase is a non-contact system for nitinol Af testing.

  • Easy-to-use
  • Great data
  • Measures many device forms
  • Tests up to 8 devices simultaneously

Lumenous Device Technologies introduces TruePhase, a Non-Contact Nitinol Af Testing System
Sunnyvale, CA (January 8, 2015) – Lumenous Device Technologies introduces TruePhaseTM, a non-contact Af temperature measurement system. This easy-to-use vision technology system sets nitinol Af testing free from the limitations encountered in traditional test methods. Capable of measuring up to eight devices at the same time and a variety of device architectures, this easy-to-use vision system improves repeatability and provides better data. Better data means better designs — and better products for patients.

Lumenous President Todd Dickson commented, “As a trusted supplier of critical medical device components, our customers depend on us for the best in design and process technology. The TruePhaseTM system fits right in with other special nitinol Lumenous capabilities – including targeted differential heat treatment, sharpening, a menu of electropolishing and other surface finish options, and electropolished spooled wire. Af testing that is easier, more repeatable, and higher throughput can relieve significant headaches. It just makes sense to offer it in an instrument so that our customers can benefit not only via our in-house testing, but in their own labs as well.”

Lumenous, a leader in nitinol device technology, manufactures ultra-precision components for minimally-invasive medical devices. Our company’s expertise supports all phases of product development with ISO13485 certified laser micromachining, microwelding, electropolishing, nitinol wire drawing, precision assembly and design engineering for stents, heart valve frames, flexible hypotubes, etc.

Lumenous’ relentless pursuit of high quality workmanship and rigorous standards have made the company a world-class partner.  Lumenous — We do Brilliant.

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